The Role of Engineering in AECD Firms

The role of an architectural engineer at an engineering company is more hands-on compared to an architect. VIP Structures has a team of 38 in-house engineers who offer a full range of engineering services for any system required in any building, such as electrical engineering and structural engineering to name a few. We count on […]

What Are the Current Trends in Architecture?

With each new year, there are new and innovative ways we want to live. To keep up with the ever-changing trends of building architecture, you need an experienced team on the cutting edge of architectural design like VIP Structures. With 45 years of experience, VIP Structures has been a part of almost every trend in […]

What Are the Different Phases of Design?

There are many phases involved in the design process for building architecture. VIP Structures’ team of developers works with you every step of the way as your main communication to every department, making the process much easier. Four of the most important phases of the architecture and design process are pre-design/programming, schematic design, design development, […]