Our Safety Director, Joe Perrone, has been contracted to provide site safety services on site for two of Norstar Building Corporation’s sites – Freedom Commons and The Roosevelt Residence project in the Cornhill section of Utica. Both of these projects are Housing Authority endeavors to provide better living options for those in need.

This work is separate from his VIP duties for Freedom Commons in Syracuse, and now independently for Norstar’s Roosevelt Residences project in Utica. As a result of Joe’s work with Norstar and his relationship with VIP’s subcontractors at Freedom Commons, Norstar felt it would be advantageous to hire him directly to oversee their safety program in Utica as well.

Additionally, Joe has been hired as a guest speaker for the last 2 years by Suit-Kote Corp., a Cortland, NY-based asphalt products manufacturer, road construction, and maintenance and asphalt applications engineering company for their annual safety update. Each year, before their construction season begins, Suit-Kote brings all of their employees together for a “safety update” to provide all of their annual training to their employees at one time, in one place. Joe will also be providing First Aid/CPR training for them next spring.

Joe has also provided classes for Syracuse Haulers’ Silica Dust Compliance training. He was hired to bring their company into compliance with OSHA’s new Silica Dust Exposure Standard.