The Gameplan – The Importance of Pre-Con

Currently, material costs have risen far beyond what many would have expected, with lumber (62% year-to-date*) and steel (67% year-on-year*) prices hitting all-time highs, coupled with supply chain bottlenecks, projects are being delayed and in some instances canceled. Developing a project gameplan is critical to minimize material impacts that threaten a projects start and viability.

Living WELL! – An Introduction to the WELL Building Standard

As an Architect – Our architectural team has successfully completed the three-part SHPO/NPS application process for our clients. VIP’s architects understand the preservation standards and how they are interpreted, and have successfully balanced the often-competing demands of the preservation standards, the client’s intended program/ function for the building, and the construction budget.

Historic Preservation Month – Historic Tax Credits

As an Architect – Our architectural team has successfully completed the three-part SHPO/NPS application process for our clients. VIP’s architects understand the preservation standards and how they are interpreted, and have successfully balanced the often-competing demands of the preservation standards, the client’s intended program/ function for the building, and the construction budget.

Collaboration – Not Just a Buzzword

Collaboration may seem overused, but it is not just a buzzword or an empty cliché. As a design-build firm with four dynamic and distinct parts – architecture, engineering, construction and development – collaboration is essential. Our greatest successes have come about because of our team’s desire to come together and contribute their expertise for the benefit of a shared objective, project or mission.

Building Communities: Achieving Workforce Inclusivity

Building Communities: Achieving Workforce Inclusivity When the South Avenue Price Rite opened its doors in June 2017, it not only demolished a food desert, but also stood as a project constructed by and for the local community. Syracuse non-profits, businesses and contractors collaborated to recruit a Price Rite construction workforce, or “boots on the ground,” […]

Design Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters

Design explained in fewer than 140 characters Asking experts to simply explain what design is, can be like asking Stephen Hawking to simply explain his black hole theory. With so many moving parts and pieces, design can come off as so complicated to those who have not studied it, that they lose interest in learning […]

Office Space Design I The Art of Adaptation

Offices will now include hygiene stations, route direction, health screening points, reduced seating within conference rooms and meeting spaces, and new HVAC systems. Environments that are still looking to maintain an open-concept floor plan will require designers to look to innovative ways to create partitions without creating barriers.

6 Benefits of Green Roofs

As population, growth, and urbanization continue to replace land with concrete, there is a serious need to recover green space. It is essential for maintaining environmental quality and improving the earth’s landscape. Installing green roofs is one of the best options for reducing the environmental impact of urban development while, at the same time, offering […]

Solutions to Overcoming Common Management Pitfalls

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Solutions to Overcoming Common Management Pitfalls Successfully delivering projects is not always easy. In fact, the numbers can be staggeringly disappointing. More than half of projects fail when it comes to completing projects on time, on budget, and within parameters. Design firms face unique challenges when it comes to competition, raw materials, regulations, and global […]


Every year, new trends emerge for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms. The market changes too quickly for any AEC firm to sit back, relax, and watch the world pass by. The latest AEC trends include integrated marketing and branding techniques, utilizing big data, and increasing recruiting efforts. Our marketing team at VIP Structures keeps […]

Fundamentals of Daylight Design

Designing Spaces with Light in Mind Daylight is dynamic. Daylight design plays a vital role in reducing glare, improving energy efficiency, and providing human-centric benefits. Lighting and light control impact almost every aspect of a building’s design. It can easily enhance and have a positive impact on a building’s environment or be a distraction and […]

(VIDEO) 4 Reasons an AEC Firm Uses Drones

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Drones and the AEC Industry  The popularity of drones for architecture, engineering, and construction projects cannot be denied. Drones are invaluable for preventing mistakes, tracking data, and delivering cost-effective & flexible project management. In fact, drones can decrease the cost of construction by eliminating errors, reducing material waste, and decreasing labor inefficiencies. Drones are the […]

A Look at 7 Incredible Feats in Modern Construction History

Throughout history, there have been many incredible feats of construction. From the building of the pyramids to the mysterious construction of Stonehenge, one-of-a-kind structures have come to life in different time periods that still impress us today. These marvels of the modern world deserve to be recognized for their size, complexity, and beauty. Each of […]

Urban Planning – Creating a Culturally Diverse Experience

Urban planning trends are constantly changing. Cities and suburbs grow, adjust, and update based on the needs and wants of the population. Syracuse is no different; it continues to see a growing interest in living downtown with an occupancy rate hovering well over 95%. Our fully integrated design-build team is currently working on the Salt […]

Biophilic Design Creates Healthy, Stress-Free Environments

It is rare to find a design strategy that benefits the natural environment, human health, and our mental state. A big trend in the design-build and aesthetics of a building revolves around better integrating environment and health into the workplace. These are items space consultants and design-build firms look to utilize to improve conditions for […]

The Future of BIM: Leveraging Powerful Generative Design

Building information modeling (BIM) is not just a tool. It’s the first stepping stone in what will likely be labeled a paradigm shift for building design in the future. For a brief refresher, BIM is almost universally used in design, construction, and engineering. In fact, over 80% of all construction firms in the U.S. use […]

4 Examples of Successful BIM Projects in the U.S.

The landscape for construction is evolving with more commercial projects moving to design-build models that use cutting-edge technology like drones, integrated software, the internet of things (IoT), clash detection, and 3D laser scanning. BIM (Building Information Modeling) is one of those tools that, as we have seen in many projects around the world, is moving […]

3 Benefits of Using Wood in Commercial Building

Heavy timber construction is a traditional building style that uses large heavy sawn timbers for structural framing. This building style has been around for quite some time. In fact, some timber framed buildings in Europe were constructed over 500 years ago and are still standing today. Until recently, the role of wood in commercial construction […]

How Design-Build Reduces Project Time and Cost

Have you ever received an impressive building design, but then you saw the cost and did a double-take? Was there an extra zero in there? Maybe 2 extra zeros? Research that assessed over 350 projects of varying size showed that when design-build was used over design-bid-build, project cost was 6.1% lower, construction speed was 12% […]

How to Work with a Design-Build Team

Our objective in creating design-build teams is always unity. When a team of people form to execute huge construction projects, it is critical to have everyone on the same page. The design-build team knows the scope and parameters of each project so there is no question about the goals to be accomplished. Along the way […]

5 Examples of Green Building in Engineering

5 Examples of Green Building in Engineering As more and more owners feel a responsibility to build sustainably, green building design and construction is becoming more of a common practice in mixed-use and commercial construction. Green building goes beyond just installing solar panels or recycling. True green building requires using a whole building approach to […]

8 Basic Costs of a Design-Build Project

In these days of cost containment and short timelines, there is increasing pressure on design and construction companies to deliver quality builds quickly. They must also take into account budgets and associated costs with a design-build project. An experimentation with various forms of project delivery methods has seen the design-build concept emerging as the leader […]

Expansion of Design-Build Infrastructure in New York State

The design-build method of project delivery creates innovative solutions in the fluidity and cost effectiveness of large construction projects. This same model of implementation is becoming increasingly important in the world of New York infrastructure projects where saving time and money can have a critical impact on the state’s budgets and populations. The design-build premise […]

Urbanization and the Increased Demand for Downtown Construction

The term urbanization refers to the growing number of people living and moving to urban areas. This is part of a historical change in society as populations have shifted from rural to urban living over the past several years. A report from stated large pools of young college-educated workforces are leading the way in […]

Virtual Reality (VR) is Revolutionizing Design-Build

A concept we’ve only witnessed in science fiction films and space-age movies is finally working its way into mainstream markets. According to Statista and Touchstone Research, the revenue for virtual reality products is projected to reach $4.6 billion dollars by next year, reaching 171 million users by 2018. Virtual reality is already a force in […]

The History of Integrated Design-Build

Architektón is the Greek word for Master Builder. Structures like the Theatre of Dionysus, the Parthenon, the cathedrals of Europe, the London Bridge, and the White House were all testaments to the Master Builder concept. In fact, Master Builders date as far back as 1800 BC in Mesopotamia. The Master Builder process has always been […]

Start Your Next Building Project with a Space Consultant

Building projects and the term “over-budget” seem far too commonly associated together. A quick Google search will give you endless pages of building projects across the country which resulted in over-spending or cost overrun. Here’s an article discussing Lakewood schools in Ohio running $6 million over-budget on building projects. Nearby at Ohio State University, three […]

Why Sustainable Design Matters

According to the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), buildings account for almost 40% of the national CO2 emissions and they out-consume both the industrial and transportation sectors. Buildings account for a large portion of global energy usage, resource expenditure, and greenhouse gas emissions. This has driven a demand from developers, expecting new construction to […]

4 Reasons to Use an Integrated Design-Build Firm

A common consideration early in the building process among decision-makers is the choice between using one firm for all aspects of your project (architecture, engineering, construction, development) or using separate firms for each component. While cases can be made for each approach, our team at VIP Structures feels our integrated approach offers several unique benefits […]