Improving Air Quality at OWL

To ensure a healthy return for our staff, IPD’s team is taking a thorough look at how we can best improve the quality of the indoor air we all share. Here is a look at progress made in preparing a safe environment as we head back to the office.

For improving the indoor air quality in VIP’s offices at One Webster’s Landing, we teamed with CNY-based company Healthway, whom for more than 30 years have provided the most effective air filtration technology. Their innovations are used in numerous applications worldwide, from medical facilities to residences, hotels and cruise ships. Locally, Healthway’s air purification systems are installed at Crouse Hospital and SUNY Upstate Medical University.

IPD Engineering is taking examining what improvements they can make to the current systems at One Webster’s Landing. “More filters in any given mechanical system means more resistance on that system,” says Al Daniels, Vice-President of IPD Engineering. “Rooftop filters and mechanical heat pumps have limitations on fan performance and the amount of static pressure they can overcome. For instance, we could double the level of filtration in the current mechanical system, however, it would be very difficult for air to travel through the filters.

This affects the way we approach mechanical systems design from now on, as the need for more filtration requires more power from the system. “Essentially, Healthway’s filtration units are the perfect solution to get the enhanced air purification we need now, without the wait on improving our current building systems,” says Al.


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