Bancol - Penn Terminals

Cold Storage and Warehouse Facility



110,000 SF


VIP Structures

VIP Architectural Associates

Penn Terminals is a privately owned marine terminal and stevedoring company specializing in the handling of containers, steel, forest products and perishable cargoes.

VIP Structures designed and constructed a 110,000 SF waterfront cold storage warehouse and distribution facility in Eddystone, PA, for Penn Terminals as a major distribution center for the C.I. Banacol S.A. Corporation, an international marketer of bananas and other tropical fruits.

Headquartered in Coral Gables, FL, Banacol ships tropical fruits from Colombia to Philadelphia for distribution across the United States.

The facility has five special pressurized refrigerated storage areas—one for bananas, one for plantains, one for other tropical fruits and two for general produce storage.

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