Interview with Tom Manzo, Mechanical Engineer, IPD Engineering
The Importance of a Builder/Owner Relationship to a Project’s Success

Tom Manzo is a father, mechanical engineer, and recent MBA graduate. He has been an integral part of VIP Structures’ growth since joining the IPD Engineering team in 2012. We sat down with Tom to discuss his favorite project to date, the unique challenges it presented, and the impact our team was able to deliver.

While Tom has a few favorite projects, there is one in particular that stands out. Kris-Tech Wire, a leading copper and aluminum wire manufacturing company, was in need of a new manufacturing facility and office space in Rome, NY. Tom mentioned that this was his first project as an integrated project manager and the first time he was able to witness first-hand the benefits of a true design-build project. He explained how our team was entered into a design competition to determine who would be retained for the project. It was during this exercise that our ongoing relationship with Kris-Tech was born. Through demonstrating a clear understanding of the project and presenting detailed representations of our innovative and cost-effective design solutions, VIP ultimately won the competition and was retained for the project.

Like many of our engineers, Tom thrives when faced with a good challenge. The challenge for this project was to seamlessly relocate Kris-Tech’s operations from their existing facility to a more spacious one while maintaining and improving on the process flow that enabled their growth. To do this, Tom and our team worked closely with product managers to learn the ins and outs of their uniquely customized process. Next, we worked cohesively across all disciplines to develop innovative solutions to achieve their specific needs and goals.

Tom described how VIP’s impact can be seen in Kris-Tech’s continued growth. The expansion plans we proposed initially are now coming to fruition years later, and even sooner than anticipated. Last year’s 22,000 SF expansion of their manufacturing facility and an ongoing 2,000 SF expansion to their office are a testament to what an efficient process flow and trusted builder/owner relationship can do.

“It’s client relationships like these where trust is front and center. This allows us, as design-builders, to fully understand a client’s needs and push the limits of what’s possible in order to achieve them.”