Interview with Chuck Wallace, Vice President, VIPDA
VIP Plans Move to Post Standard Building: Thoughts on the Unique Project

Forty years ago, VIP Structures set up operation in the old factory now known as One Webster’s Landing. VIP is still in the same building today and is growing rapidly within each of its four companies – Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Development (AECD). This growth has sparked the need to explore a bigger facility. As an entity offering a single source for AECD, a big goal of this move is to unite all VIP staff on a single floor for a truly collaborative environment (no elevators required). Looking to keep operations downtown, options were limited as to what facility could offer this much space on a single floor.

That is when the Post Standard Building came into play as a possibility. VIP Structures acquired the former newspaper printing facility in October 2017.

“I don’t think there is any other building downtown that offers this amount of space on just one floor – this will definitely bring a new level of collaboration to our team,” said Chuck Wallace. “The Post Standard Building is an iconic Syracuse centerpiece, built in the 1960’s. It is exciting to rejuvenate it and be a part of making it become a feature once again. Plus, it keeps us downtown – showing commitment for us to stay true to our Syracuse roots.”

It has been widely discussed that Route 81 will be reconstructed in the near future. “We wanted to be certain that we have a secure, dedicated facility to keep us in business and in the heart of downtown. We did not want to explore any options outside of the downtown area,” says Chuck. “This is exactly what The Post Standard Building offers for our team.”

Chuck’s favorite part of the project is seeing the entire team motivated as design gets underway. “Everyone really does have a hand in this project. All VIP teams (Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Development) have been collaborating every day, getting excited when planning our new space,” says Chuck. “It has been quite an experience for us being involved at this level; the true meaning of the work we do at VIP. This project is a prime example of what VIP does best. We do it from a single source – purchase to punch list.”

Having a personal hand in the design is something special for Chuck. “With my background in construction and management, I’ve never really had the experience to be so hands-on with design. It has been invigorating to learn about design, especially for our very own employees. It is truly remarkable to see our vision becoming closer to reality each day.”

VIP plans to move to their new space within the next couple of years.