BNY Mellon is invested in innovation, and to support that investment they are creating Innovation Centers at select flagship facilities. These Innovation Centers seek to make rapid transformations in cloud computing, robotics, crypto-currency, and more, while collaborating with local colleges and the community to discuss new ideas and inspirations.

VIP Architecture is working with BNY Mellon to create the CNY Innovation Center at their Oriskany, NY location. An Innovation Center engages employees and visitors in a way that the traditional cubicle layout cannot.

The existing space was originally filled with cubicles and is being renovated into a modern, collaborative work area with open workstations and small conference rooms. The entrance to the Innovation Center will have an interactive display, creating a place for discussion and engagement. Glazing has been incorporated into the Video Teleconference Room, the Robotics Control Room, and conference rooms, also referred to as Huddle Rooms, to allow the dynamic energy to be felt both inside and outside of the room. Each of these rooms is equipped with glass marker boards, video conference capability, and wireless click-share technology. A visual separation is made from the remainder of the facility through the use of modern, sophisticated finishes with dark wood trim, flooring selections, and use of accent colors.

In addition, seating areas have been integrated into the open floor plan to create breakout spaces. The smaller breakout spaces are casual with comfortable seating to encourage open conversation. Larger breakout spaces are equipped with wireless click-share technology and glass marker boards to encourage open, collaborative meetings and to develop new ideas and applications that result in cutting-edge solutions.

Project Manager / Designer: Madonna Millerschin
Architect: VIP Architecture
Engineer: IPD Engineering
Contractor: Gaetano Construction
Account Representative: Bill Blanchard