When looking at some of the most successful companies in Central New York much of their successes, if not all of them, are driven by the people who work within the organizations. This is no different at VIP Structures. Many factors influence the success of an integrated design-build firm. Aside from budgets, architecture, engineering, and construction firms across the state and country all have access to the same processes, technologies, and programs to drive success. However, the one key differentiator which can never be replicated is the people.

Here are 5 ways VIP Structures separates itself with its talented staff:


VIP Structures works as an integrated architecture, engineering, construction and development firm. Needless to say, communication is a key driver to success. Each project team works seamlessly together to bring a client’s vision to life. The ability of our staff to work with one another to understand all phases of a building project creates immense value for our clients. Our team blurs the lines between these disciplines. Our architects are trained to work like construction managers. Our construction managers think like engineers. They understand the concept and they ensure the project meets expectations.


Because of this all-in-one team approach, communication promotes a strong culture. From our quarterly meetings, to our Friday cook-outs, to our shared intranet, we are always in sync. Our company intranet shares everything from reference material, training material, and forms, to news about our employees and the latest information about our projects. It’s our hub for everything VIP Structures.

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Custom teams are established for all projects that come through our doors. This team may specialize in a prior similar project that was completed, an industry sector, or have special expertise on the build you are envisioning. Our wealth of talent and knowledge across disciplines ensures your custom team will be able to fulfill a vision on-time and on-budget.


Not only are our people experienced and talented but they also care, take interest, and are passionate about their work product. The combination of concept to execution at VIP Structures promotes confidence in our process. This curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit that our employees share is a driving force to success.


Perhaps the most unique differentiator when it comes to our team is our ability to provide perspective to our work. We walk in our clients’ shoes. We see things as both builders and owners. This dual-perspective and cross-disciplinary knowledge allows our team to fulfill the most challenging building projects for our clients.

VIP Structures is an integrated design-build firm in Upstate NY. Our diverse team, unique perspectives, and specific expertise creates a better way to build. Stay updated with the latest VIP Structures news here. Questions about your next building project? Contact us below.

Credit to Stephen Tarolli, Strategic Human Resources Manager for assisting with this post.